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We believe the Air Force continues to be the best tenant for the Marina complex at Fort Baker.  In the Travis Marina complex, the National Park Service (NPS) and Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) has a wonderful venue with a sound reputation as a welcoming, friendly, historical, longstanding mainstay of the local community. 


Travis Air Force Base is uniquely positioned to continue to enhance the legacy of this institution.  It is a historic place, memorable to all who come, and a testament to our efforts that support the vibrant local community. 


Horseshoe Cove is an incredibly special environment. We are honored to be amidst the home for herons, king fishers, cormorants, pelicans, seagulls, ducks, red tailed hawks, hummingbirds, quail, Canada geese, doves, pigeons, vultures, butterflies,  seals and sea lions and a growing family of sea otters! From our building and deck overlooking the cove and bay, visitors can spot whales and dolphins, amidst the sailboats and commercial vessels plying the bay.


Deeply aligned with the fundamental NPS mission, goals and priorities, we dovetail with the NPS mission to “... preserve for public use and enjoyment (this area) that possess(es) outstanding natural, historic, scenic, ..recreational (and educational) values… For the enjoyment of future generations.”


We have a proven long term dedication and commitment  to our current clientele while being loyal, conscientious stewards of the National Park.  


Beloved by the local community, active duty airmen and women, veterans, retirees and families of all generations, and by thousands of tourists who come through, Travis operates the complex  in a manner that fulfills the NPS/GGNRA public service mission while at the same time fulfilling the MWR mission of the Air Force. 




The Travis Marina Bar and Grill, open Thursday through Sunday is deeply loved by Sausalito, Marin County and San Francisco locals.  Over the past twenty-five years, the Marina has grown solidly into a sound, thriving, multi-use, service-driven operation that is affordable and accessible and welcoming for civilians, veterans, active duty and retired military men and women and their families alike as well as for tourists from around the world.  


 A timeless destination and a historical landmark in its own right, there is no other facility in the Bay Area that serves the public the way we do. 


Our long time regulars are a wonderful mix of local families, veterans, retired Park Service employees, retired firemen and retired coast guard, active duty men and women, public officials, artists, writers, musicians, architects, doctors, nurses, teachers,  engineers, mechanics, sailors, fishermen, tech company employees, government employees, service industry personnel, venture capitalists, and business owners (just to name a few!).



Frequent Site Users

Richardson’s Bay Maritime Association (RBMA)

Presidio Yacht Club

Tamalpais Canoe Club

California Canoe and Kayak Club

So. Marin Fire Department Search & Rescue

National Park Service

San Francisco State University

Beach Clean Up groups

Recreational Boaters and Fishermen


Some Annual Event Patrons

Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito

Marin General Hospital

Kaiser, Marin

Reunions for area High Schools (Tamapais, Drake, Redwood, Marin Catholic)

American Solar, Marin

Empress Charters

Tamalpais Canoe Club Annual KULA event

Blue Water Flux Foundation

Huckberry, SF



Plant Construction, San Rafael

Red Horse Constructors, San Rafael


We are also a traditional destination for New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July and Fleet Week.  The events have served to dramatically expand revenue sustainability and growth, and keep our prices affordable. 


Multi-Use Event Space

Building 679, with its multi-use event spaces has become an increasingly popular public venue for weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, reunions, fundraisers, holiday parties, and more. Countless couples have married here and come back to see us over the years, often bringing their children! 

We have a  multi-generational legacy! 


We exemplify a deep ethic to serve people of all generations and walks of life.  We keep our prices affordable and the aesthetic tone of our space historic and familiar. This is an institution for the people.

For more information about:

Travis Air Force Base
and the history of the 60th Mobility Wing at Travis AFB go to: www.travis.af.mil
For info on the importance of the MWR Fund click HERE

Presidio Yacht Club

For more information about joining their club and their history at Fort Baker go to: